Norm Thibeault on WHEB 100.3 Portsmouth NH | January 1979

Norm Thibeault on WHEB 100.3 Portsmouth NH | January 1979
WHEB Portsmouth NH was an AM/FM simulcast operation until the early 80s, a regional Top 40 called "The Star Station". AM 750 signed off around 1981.

I’ve been looking for an aircheck from this era for years, and now we have one! Today’s 100.3 WHEB is an FM-only Classic Rocker, just your average run-of-the-mill rock oldies station, but, back in ’79, it was THE station to listen to while tanning at Hampton Beach during the Summer.

Known as “The Star Station”, this was a not-quite top 40 station with a generous dose of Oldies. From what I remember this was an AM/FM simulcast with AM 750 leaving the air at night (or dropping to some rediculously low power) to protect WSB Atlanta. This aircheck was apparently recorded at night because it’s the FM side (with it’s own jingles). Back in the day, we all listened to the AM side of this simulcast on the beach, flipping back and forth between WHEB and WRKO Boston.

The AM side went dark sometime in the 80s – surely there’s someone out there who knows the exact history of this station. Seems to me the FM flipped to AOR about the time they turned in the AM license.

The radio landscape at the NH coastline has changed substantially since this aircheck was recorded, but if you wanna go back to before it all went to FM, listen to this… it’s sure to bring back some good memories, even if this is a WINTER aircheck!