Dale Dorman, 68 WRKO Boston | July 4, 1972

Dale Dorman was always fun, silly and just an all around kidder. And he’s at his best on this cool Summer morning here as Boston celebrates America’s Independence by tuning in to WRKO! Well, okay maybe thats not how all Bostonians did it but many were tuned in to Uncle Dale every morning. I’m always struck by how in the early 70s, WRKO really had a laid back sound that didn’t quite fit many of the ‘typical’ RKO stations around the country. Jingles were used infrequently and the whole atmosphere at WRKO at the time seemed less intense as one would expect from this Top 40 giant. Indeed, by 1976, WRKO was the hottest sounding station in Boston, and perhaps in many ways one of the best in the U.S. but this was the post-Drake era (by a couple of years). Others who were there will no doubt have insight on the inner workings of early 70s WRKO. And of Dale Dorman, one of Boston’s best and longest on air disc jockeys rivaling WBZ’s Carl DeSuze and WHDH’s Jess Cain for total number of years on air in the market. The only real difference was that they did it at one station, while Dorman split his time up at four (In Boston) not counting his time in San Francisco at KFRC.