Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | July 16, 1961

770 New York WABC WJZ The All Americans Ron Lundy Cousin Bruce Morrow Dan Ingram Chuck Leonard Herb Oscar Anderson Scott Muni Steve O'Brien George Michael Harry Harrison Ross & Wilson Howard Hoffman

It’s the SWINGIN’ sound of 77 Radio in New York! From the earliest days of WABC’s Top 40 format and one of Dan Ingram’s first broadcasts, here’s the beginning’s of what would become one of the most popular Top 40 stations in broadcasting history.

This opens with a promo for Herb Oscar Anderson’s morning show, then moves right along into Big Dan’s show.

Listen for WABC Action Central News toward the end.

Notice how promos and such are done in a very ‘announcer’ type fashion. Conversational-style announcing wouldn’t come along for a few more years.

This recording is somewhat muddy, and sounds like it is not a first-generation recording. Contributed by Steven Green, there’s no telling how many times this was dubbed off but I’d guess given the popularity of Dan Ingram WABC recordings, this went through a number of copies out to collectors, although I can’t verify this. I will say that Mr. Green is very good about donating his personal recording efforts so this could simply be an original tape that shows its age.

Either way, we thank Steven Green for his contributions!