Dan Ingram on 77 WABC New York | April 10 1968

Dan Ingram on 77 WABC New York | April 10 1968




It’s April 10 1968. A very turbulent time! We were just a week removed from the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Vietnam was raging, & Big Dan and WABC offered us a diversion from all the craziness of the late 60s. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, & Motown rule the airwaves, and Dan Ingram is “laughing & scratching” in the afternoon on WABC. Dan Ingram is up to his usual antics on this air check, as 77 WABC is running on all cylinders! For many, this is the best loved era of WABC. You’ll hear ads for the new movie “Where Angels Go, Troubles Follows,” & Disney’s “Blackbeard’s Ghost,” as well as Ingram’s live read commercials. It you close your eyes, and let the audio soak in, it’s almost 1968 all over again!

Courtesy: Bill Cain 


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