Dan Taylor, 105.1 WMXV “Mix 105” | November 11, 1996

105.1 New York, WMXV, Mix 105

  • Dan Taylor, Mix 105 New York - 11/11/96
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This is really short, mainly because the old “Mix 105″ Adult Contemporary format (1992-1996) was music intensive and even though this is PM drive, and it’s Dan Taylor, his talents seem somewhat wasted here. There’s few talk breaks each hour, and perhaps that was the whole point, to compete with WLTW “Lite 106.7” on the nearby adjacent frequency.

Still, this is Dan Taylor, one of our favorite NYC personalities of all time and just over 4 minutes of DT and this station’s imaging seems worth time spent listening.

View this from our official “Airchexx Classic Radio” YouTube Channel:

105.1 New York has had 9 sets of call letters over the years, including the current ones, WWPR. They are:

WWRL-FM (1953–57)
WRFM (1957–86)
WNSR (1986–92)
WMXV (1992–96)
WDBZ (1996–97)
WNSR (1997–98)
WBIX (1998–99)
WTJM (1999–2002)

The WTJM years may have been the most popular, albeit short, oldies derivative format. The Jammin’ 105 format was a precursor to the current Urban format, and while it had a lot of listener appeal, it didn’t sell well – which is the demise of so many formats. Conversely, the Mix format years, 1992-1996 DID sell fairly well, at least at first, however, the ratings were a disappointment as WMXV never could unseat WLTW as the AC leader, and sales ultimately lagged, leading to the format change to Modern AC as “The Buzz”. The Buzz was a Grunge-Rock, but Adult Contemporary based format that really didn’t last long. That format was tried at many stations around the country, but failed after two years.