Dick Summer; “Mouth vs Ear”, 97.1 WYNY New York | January 1979

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Dick Summer has become a good friend to us here at Airchexx and its always great when he sends in something REALLY special. This time, we’re back in New York, at 30 Rock and the studios of WYNY “New York 97”.

The control room is packed for another exciting edition of “Mouth vs Ear”. Dick said, “The Mouth (my friends and I) always won because we cheated”. And… they say that at the start. Now, this is WAY better than Jeopardy. And Dick Summer is BETTER than Alex Trebeck. Of course, radio is the theater of the mind, therefore you don’t have or need visual props to make you think– which you MUST do if you’re going to beat the mouth, which of course, few do because…

altogether now..


Barry Manilow calls in about midway through this, and even HE couldn’t beat the Mouth.

Arguably one of the best parts of any radio show I’ve heard, success wrought swift action by station management. Actually, I think Dick said it best when he sent the file:

…It pulled the best ratings on the station, so the PD cancelled it. “People come to us expecting music” he said. Radio logic.


And we wonder why the FM dial today is filled with a dozen stations playing Rhianna in every city… Nevermind.

This is GREAT! And so funny! If you don’t listen, you’re missing out. And if you’re from Boston, remember that Dick Summer did Mouth vs Ear nights on WBZ back in the ‘good ‘ol days’.

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