Dr. Jerry Carroll, 101.9 WPIX-FM New York | 1977

101.9 New York WPIX 102

It’s been a long while since we opened up Matt’s “Big Apple Airchecks” vault here at Airchexx. We should more often!

Dr. Jerry Carroll doesn’t use his last name, at least here in this particular recording. Unbeknownst to many New Yorkers at the time, Dr. Jerry was the (later) well-known voice behind all those “Crazy Eddie” commercials on TV & Radio. You know. “Where the prices are in saaaaannnnnneee!! “. Now, as I was editing this, I began thinking that Dr. Jerry’s and Jay Thomas’ voices sounded so similar. Jay Thomas was the morning man on 98.7 WXLO “99X” for a time. In 1977, these two stations sounded somewhat similar, although a year later, WPIX would be an all-disco station that never achieved the fame and ratings that WKTU would in 1979. But that’s a different story.

You’ll notice that this recording sounds a little bit muffled. There’s also some tape wow and flutter at the beginning, which often happens with old cassettes as the tape tends to stretch in certain spots on the reel. That makes the beginning minute or so sound like the tone goes up and back down. It evens out after that. And no, no amount of processing would restore high fidelity without compressing it and causing more distortion. I left the audio where it was for this tape.

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks who provided the source cassette over a decade ago!