Early Progressive FM Radio Sampler – KZAP Sacramento, KSAN San Francisco | 1968

This is an odd aircheck, at least the master was. Lots of album cuts, all very heavy progressive rock from 1968. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about how the jocks sounded in this era, this is the real deal. They sound stoned, tuned out and tuned in, almost amateurish, at least on the KZAP part of this at the beginning.

The very beginnings of FM Rock Radio. Who knows how many listeners these stations had in 1968? In San Francisco, most of the city, from what we can tell, was tuned to 610 KFRC… except the college kids. Probably Sacramento also. But this? The music cuts are all things you’d hear on a Classic Rock station today. Of course, you won’t hear the music cuts because this is a scoped presentation. But you get a feel for the stations and their formats.

You’ll hear a live commercial in this and one recorded spot. Glad they weren’t in this for the money back then 🙂