Ellis B Feaster on 98 Rock WIYY Baltimore | Spring 1992

97.9 FM Baltimore 98 Rock Paco Lopez Emory Erica Hurst Broadcasting WBAL TV HD AM Radio 11 1090 Detour Dave Sandler

WIYY 98Rock Baltimore – Ellis B Feaster – 1992

Back in 1977, WBAL-FM Baltimore switched its call sign to WIYY, and began its rock music format as 98 Rock.. It has used the 98 Rock branding since the flip, and is still going strong today, through it’s sixth decade. The station had lots of attitude & personality. 98 Rock was the long time home of popular morning show,  Justin, Scott & Spiegel, as well as on air personalities Kirk McEwen, Bob Lopez, & Mark Ondayko.

This aircheck features yours truly, on the air in Baltimore at 98 Rock, back in 1992. -Ellis


  From the Ellis B Feaster You Tube Radio Aircheck & Classic TV Channel.