3 thoughts on “Forgotten 45s – Alan Lee, 105.7 WQSR (Catonsville) Baltimore | January 31, 1993

  1. Allen Lee is still on the radio! I believe still on WQSR in Baltimore. In earlier years he was on WGTB, and WPFW fm. If you wanna listen between 6 and 9 Friday nights there is a link on the Roadhouse Oldies site. I have met allen personally and he is good people! Enjoy~

  2. I have to say that doo-wop is my favorite music, although I don’t remember it firsthand. I was born in June of ’63, when it was beginning to fade from prominence (if it hadn’t done so already). Two other things. At 3:59, Alan Lee said that disco was big in ’83. If I remember correctly, disco died off around three years prior. Also, liked the jingle at 5:02.

  3. I used to set a timer on my VCR and record his shows , then listen back and pick the best stuff I liked to make listening tapes. I transferred about 10 hours of music onto MP3. I loved the do wop stuff alot Much of the music I was not familiar with , but being a musician it was a joy to hear the variety of recorded sound warm tube recordings and upright bass and vocal harmonies with a bluesy edge that no one sings like anymore because of pitch correction.

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