Fred Winston on 1410 KQV Pittsburgh | January 10, 1969

Fred Winston on 1410 KQV Pittsburgh | January 10, 1969
Fred Winston on WLS during the Big 89 Rewind!


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Fred Winston is best known as the midday personality on WLS (AM) Chicago at various time periods during the 1970s and 1980s. You can find examples of his work at WLS HERE


This aircheck is a copy from somewhere else. The original recording source is unknown. You can tell by the amount of tape hiss and rumble in the back of this that the original master was dubbed a few times before we received this copy. This sometimes happens with tapes from aircheck traders. However, given the historical significance of hearing Fred Winston on a station from BEFORE WLS is definitely worth posting.

Otherwise, this is a decent sounding recording. A bit muffled, the dynamic range being limited both by virtue of this being an AM station and by multiple copies, it still retains a decent quality. There’s no distortion – which is good in and of itself, and the recording did hold up well despite being over 50 years old!