Frequency Swap in Boston – Part 1: WKLB from 99.5 to 102.5 | 12:00 PM December 1, 2006

102.5 FM Boston, 99.5 FM Lowell, 105.7 FM Framingham, WBCS, WOAZ, WVBF, WKLB, WCLB, WCVB, WSSH, WTTK, WJIB-FM, WCRB

Writeup forthcoming –

While I usually try to have a comment to go along with things we post here, the explanation of the WKLB/WCRB frequency swap is far too involved for me to finish writing at the moment. It will come, and we invite visitors to leave their own comments below. This is a major event in Boston, one that has taken over a year to accomplish.

Our thanks to contributor Bob Nelson. This was a breaking aircheck at the time of its posting in ’06

Here’s the first part, monitoring of 99.5