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G.W. McCoy, 100.3 KIQQ Los Angeles | July 31, 1984


Date of Recording: 07.31.1984
Station: 100.3 KIQQ (KSWD/KRBV/KKBT/KCMG/KIBB/KXEZ/KQLZ-FM) Los Angeles, California, USA
Format: CHR
Featured Air Personality: G. W. McCoy
Contributor: Daniel Coulombe
Date of Posting: 09.04.2017
Total Time: 13:49
Airchexx Entry: 1,506

…with requested music now from Twisted Sister!

Curator’s Notes:

By 1984, KIQQ was having difficulty maintaining it’s CHR identity, and with plenty of name recognition in crosstown KRTH K-Earth 101, KIIS-FM and others, it was clear that SOMETHING had to be done soon. That something would eventually be “Lite-FM” under the same call letters. That, in turn, led to a purchase by Westwood One, who brought in somebody named Scott Shannon, a new set of call letters (KQLZ) and a new slogan – “Pirate Radio”. That’s a story for another time.

In the case of this aircheck, someone captured 45 minutes of G. W. McCoy on KIQQ, which by this time is only using it’s call letters to identify, unlike the K-100 of 1979-80. Still, the music is HOT, if not rather Rock based at this time. There is a running contest where listeners call in and identify all the songs in a five-song montage that plays when they call out the contest. The recording quality is excellent, as if recorded at the transmitter site – or by someone with an expensive hi-fi stereo. All this makes for almost 14 minutes of listening enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “G.W. McCoy, 100.3 KIQQ Los Angeles | July 31, 1984

  1. Was a great station … played “KROQ” songs often before KROQ did; broke hits from England WAY before other stations. Which became a liability … by the time they were done being hits, they seemed so old if you were a KIQQ listener. Also interesting: George Wilson was the GM, wife Paula was the PD, and this was George Wilson McCoy on the air … no nepotism here…

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