11 thoughts on “Geoff Edwards, 710 KMPC Los Angeles | November 13, 1978 Pt. 2

  1. Like part one, this runs 1.5-2% slow.

    KMPC’s lineup at this time was remarkable. Dick Whittinghill in mornings since 1949, Geoff in 9-12 since 1968, Wink noon-3 since 1971, Gary Owens 3-6 since 1963, Roger Caroll 6-10 since 1959. Sonny Melendrez 10pm-2am (with the station in different shifts since 1972) and Clark Race 2-6 am (with the station in different shifts since 1973)….and Robert W. Morgan doing weekends and fill-ins.

    Within 2 years of this aircheck, the station would go talk and Morgan (who replaced Whittinghill in August, 1979) would be the only survivor.

    1. I hadn’t noticed the speed issue. My cassette machine is properly calibrated but perhaps the recorder the tape was made with ran a bit fast, which would make playback a tad slow in a properly calibrated machine.

      I was very impressed with Geoff Edwards and not being from the West Coast, I was unaware of his broadcasting history. My wife, who started out not knowing much of anything about airchecks or any radio personalities outside of Connecticut, was very impressed with Mr. Edwards. I always figure, if she likes it, it’s gotta be good 🙂 Thanks for the corrections, as always.

  2. Steve, Your airchecks are usually perfect when it comes to speed. This clearly was dubbed on a fast machine. Happens a lot in trading. Probably 20% of the old airchecks I get need speed correction.

  3. And now I’m going to correct myself. Clark Race had left by this point. Sonny Melendrez did 2-6 AM and Dave Hull (KRLA, KFI, KGBS)was doing 10PM-2AM.

    Dave joined in late ’77. Robert W. Morgan in mid 1975.

  4. When I moved to L.A. in 1977 I was amazed to find heroes of mine like Geoff Edwards, Wink Martindale, and Gary Owns pulling airshifts just like regulars guys. I came to love Sonny Melendez on the overnight show. KMPC was a great station in the best oeverall market in the country at the time. KABC had a flawless line-up KMET and K-Earth were great FM rockers. And then there was, for a short time 10Q, which was a thrill ride that could not last!

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