Geoff Edwards, 710 KMPC Los Angeles | November 13, 1978 Pt. 2

KMPC Beverly Hills

Part 2 of the Geoff Edwards show on KMPC. More classic commercials, in a laid-back MOR format which includes lots of phone calls for a Disneyland contest.

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KMPC made a long and lasting impression on the radio landscape of Los Angeles. Today, the station airs a Korean-language format. Essentially, it’s irrelevant to the city of L.A. But it was once one of the very top stations in the city!

Interestingly enough, we haven’t received too many recordings like this. This was made by someone putting a table microphone in front of a radio speaker. You can hear talking in a few places, and some strange banging noises about mid-way through. Despite this, the quality of this aircheck is quite good and the extra outside noise doesn’t detract from the overall sound of KMPC through a radio speaker.

I found while listening with my better half editing this that the best part of this aircheck has to be the old commercials. You’ll find yourself singing along to the Beneficial Finance (toot toot!) spot. Many more are quite familiar, staples of radio airplay in the late 70s. Second, the KMPC jingles were unlike most other radio stations at the time. KMPC had its own unique ‘song’, as it were. The only other station I can think of which had such unique jingles, but of a different type, was WNEW-AM in New York.