Harry Chapman on WMPS 680 Memphis | July 19, 1963

Courtesy of Skip Reynolds, CE of Entercom Memphis…

Skip tells us he found this tape at the transmitter site of what is now WSMB 680 a while back. This is an original recording of Harry Chapman, the morning man on what was Plough, Incorporated owned WMPS.

Listen to the old commercials! We couldn’t recreate the “quaintness” of these old swing-era sings. WMPS sounds very Middle of the Road here, playing hits from Ray Charles, the Four Seasons and some lesser known regional hits. Without hearing the rest of the broadcast day it’s hard to get a feel for WMPS’ format, but the station is VERY sold out, with this 45 minute morning show clip being more commercial load than music. Lots of live reads.

Ever wonder what early 60s radio sounded like… radio before the British Invasion? Here’s your history lesson.