5 thoughts on “Jack Scott, 66 WNBC “Time Machine” | April 17, 1988 – Part 1

  1. Had the rare opportunity to actually hear WNBC’s AM STEREO broadcasts!
    I worked at a NYC rental car company that had GM & Chrysler vehicles with AM stereo radios.
    Sounded quite good as I recall.
    Thanks for the memories!

  2. I’ve lived in West Virginia all my life. Having said that, once a month I would call Big Jay Sorenson on “The Time Machine”, as I could only get WNBC at night, and he did overnights. I told him I was from West Virginia, and he joked about my being a hillbilly. He would put me on the air with my requests (as he did everyone else), and he said New Yorkers got a kick out of my southern accent. Wouldn’t trade those days for $10 million and the US Presidency.

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