Jack Spector WCBS-FM 101.1 Sock Hop Composite

WCBS FM 101 New York

Jack Spector first made it big in New York City at the old “Good Guy” station, 570 WMCA. By the 1990s, Spector was being heard on CBS-FM playing the music he played at WMCA.

This is an old recording. I’m guessing the 1990s, but this had no date on the label, and it was donated to Airchexx around 2011 by Ray Bozzanca, so it’s been sitting around waiting to be posted here for going on 11 years. This is a very chopped up aircheck. Normally, we try to leave in the station’s sweepers, jingles and all the other elements that create the trademarked sound of a station, but this one came in all chopped up like this. All I did was clean it up so that it can be posted on our Airchexx Classic Radio YouTube Channel – any songs lasting more than about 2 seconds get flagged, so that’s why you hear virtually no music at all in our airchecks.