Jay Michaels, 670 KBOI Boise | July 29, 1984

670 Boise KBOI News Talk Jay Michaels AM Stereo

Heres our first glimpse of the Boise Idaho market. This part of the United States radio landscape is quite under-represented.

Imagine driving out on, say, I-90 in the northern Rocky Mountains. Theres very few FM stations to listen to, but on AM there are a few lone signals during the daylight hours. At night, however, your radio receiver lights up with clear, strong radio stations from far away places. Some from Canada. Maybe you can hear KJR Seattle. Vancouver, BC… wherever. If you had an old C-Quam AM-Stereo receiver in your car, you would have been treated to something special, this Adult Contemporary station on 670 – remember, you left it there when you were in Chicago – …

KBOI has a nice, steady and clear signal from Boise. The music is a good mix of 70s and 80s music, with a Beach Boys or some other 60s tune sprinkled in for good measure. At least this station will help the miles go by.

Jay Michaels is a capable jock. Nothing outlandish in his presentation, he announces the songs, does the weather, and you KNOW hes live giving the temperature from around the region! Yes, this is exactly how we remember AM music stations toward the end of that era. This station is Full Service, to boot! At 5:00am, Don Blair anchors NBC Radio News. We get to hear the entire newscast uninterrupted.

For some odd reason, many AM stations out west stayed with music formats into the 1990s before delving into talk radio. KBOI is today, a mostly conservative News Talk station, with some local hosts, and the same old Rush, Hannity stuff. Nothing to write home about. But the music on this recording? Yes. And youll probably want to discuss these songs, few of which ever get played on any station today.

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