Jerry Kristafer, 96.9 WFFM “FM 97” Braddock (Pittsburgh) PA | February, 1981

96.9 Pittsburgh Braddock Bob-FM WFFM FM 97 Jerry Kristopher

From Contributor Robyn Watts, here’s our first aircheck of Jerry Kristopher (WKCI, WDRC-FM), and he’s not in the Hartford, Connecticut market!

In a sense, this is sort of a boring aircheck. FM 97, not much of a slogan in and of itself, is solidly an Adult Contemporary station. Perhaps the station was trying to find its way. In 1981, FM was just coming into its own and many stations didn’t quite know which way to go formatically. Those which didn’t go CHR or Country or AOR were lost in the shuffle for a time. Perhaps this is what happened to WFFM.

The station has been gone for so long, there’s not even an original logo scan out there anywhere. Today, it’s Variety Hits 96.9 “Bob-FM”. After all, who needs disc jockeys?

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