Jerry Williams on WMEX 1510 Boston | 1964 

1510 Boston WMEX

WMEX 1510 Boston – Jerry Williams Talks About A New Group Called The Beatles – 1964

Courtesy: Alan Tolz

Back in the early 1960s, WMEX cranked out the hits during the day, but did early 2 way talk at night. Jerry Williams started his long talk radio career in Boston at 1510 WMEX. He left Boston & WMEX in 1966 for WBBM in Chicago, but her returned in 1968 to continue to entertain New England at WBZ, WRKO, and for a short time, WROL at the end of his career.

Back in the mid-1960s, teenagers loved the Beatles, but many adults did not understand this new group with their long hair. This aircheck features Jerry on WMEX in 1964, as he talks with his callers about The Beatles. -Ellis


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