Melody Meadows, (99.7) WMC-FM 100 Memphis | November, 1997

WMC WMC-FM FM100 99.7 Memphis Tripp Steve West Tom Prestigiacomo Ron Steve & Karen Scott Shannon

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Curator’s Notes:

Its been 21 years since this was recorded and to me, it seems like just yesterday! This is short – just over 4 minutes long… but you really get the feel for FM 100 and the pace of the station in an era where HotAC included a lot of Rock… not so much middle of the road pop. It was an interesting time, to be sure!

Going through some tapes I had laying around the studio about 7 years ago, I ran across this unmarked C-90 that I apparently picked up while living in Millington, TN. This is Melody Meadows who had already moved on to  1070 WDIA, by the time I arrived to work at FM 100 in 2005.  Today, Mel is part of the “Mighty Media Group, LLC”… or what’s left of it after selling off 95.3 (It gets difficult trying to keep radio groups straight down there LOL)

WMC-FM was, at the time of this recording, still co-owned with WMC-TV 5 and News/Talk 790 WMC AM by Raycom Media. It would be sold a year or two later (if memory serves, the sale went through in either late 2001 or early 2002) to Infinity Broadcasting / CBS Radio. It’s now owned by Entercom Memphis, LLC.

Notice promos for sister WMC-TV 5. FM 100 is doing on-air contests in conjunction with the TV side. The imaging voice is also different from what they use today, along with the jingles. This was a nice find – from an era that’s now gone at Memphis’ legendary FM 100!

Old FM 100 Logo, pre-2002