Jim Conlee, 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles | 1979

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Oh, the days of (tape) skimmer machines for in-studio air checking. You won’t hear it on this presentation, but the whole aircheck was infused with an annoying speeding up of the recording in between jock talk. This happens because of the way cassette decks were wired to the board, so that the tape automatically records when the mic is turned on, then stops when the mic is turned off. The record head in the deck is always on, and theres a small bit of dead-roll when the tape machine stops, therefore, that results in the tape still in record mode when the tape slows to a halt and the speed variance makes for a recording that goes rapidly up in pitch.

I said all that to say, I edited out all those in-between noises, so that it wouldn’t be a source of annoyance in an otherwise interesting aircheck.

Jim Conley was the Program Director, and is in for Dave Sebastian on this date (whatever that date is). This is representative of AM Top 40 radio in the Disco, late 70s era! A personality driven, music oriented station that a year earlier had taken the market by storm and de-throned format giant 93 KHJ.

I believe that Jim Conley is the same guy as heard in this 1969 aircheck of WKOX-FM 105.7 Framingham, in the Boston market. Which does answer the question as to ‘where did he go?’

Runs 5:46. Scoped.

Aircheck courtesy of BIG APPLE AIRCHECKS

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