Jim Kerr, Morning Drive, WPLJ “Power 95” New York | November 1987

95.5 New York WPLJ Scott Shannon Todd Pettingill

Another step in the evolution of WPLJ 95.5, at the time of this aircheck known as “Power 95”. For a time, ABC corporate actually changed the calls to WWPR, but it’s still ‘PLJ here. Notice the “WPLJ New York” Legal buried in a stopset.

Jim Kerr is a capable morning jock, and this, thankfully, is still a time before high-powered morning shows with foul language and sexual innuendos. Kerr is entertaining and this is very much a music-oriented morning show. We’re sure you’ll enjoy hearing about the events of the day – two full newscasts are included along with New York City commercials of the day.

This is in INCREDIBLE, STUDIO QUALITY…. It sounds good enough to have come right off the board, but we know this is off a perfectly tuned FM receiver. Long before HD radio came along this proves there was nothing wrong with good-old analog radio!