100.7 KFMB-FM,Jimi Foxx,San Diego Jimi Foxx, KFMB-FM San Diego | March 14, 1976

Jimi Foxx, KFMB-FM San Diego | March 14, 1976

100.7 San Diego KFMB-FM


Date of Recording: March 14, 1976
Station: 100.7 KFMB-FM San Diego, California
Featured Air Talent: Jimi Foxx
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Airchexx Entry: 1,415


B-100 Boogies On!!

And if you like sped up records, fast talking jocks and Bobby Rich’s monster Top 40 creation you will certainly LOVE this very early incarnation of B-100-FM! We can’t say anything more than others have already said about B-100, so spend four minutes listening to this scope, then write your comments in the space below!

6 thoughts on “Jimi Foxx, KFMB-FM San Diego | March 14, 1976”

  1. VBaskin2010 – I'm 31 years old, i'm single, i love toys anime and cartoons. I grew up on Power Rangers even since i was 7 years old, i like different types of music except EDM and Classical. I hoping to become a radio DJ as well be a Program Director too.
    Vaughn B. says:

    Ernie Anderson: KFM-BFM San Diego’s FM! B-100!

  2. We had to speed up the music to match the naturally (?) sped up jocks. However, this tape is sped WAY beyond what we put out on the air. I knew that for sure when I heard my “Get Up And Boogie” promo sped-up voice.;-)

    Also, this would be a mellowed out Fox That Rocks doing a rare afternoon show instead of his usual 6-9pm.

    Of possible interest: Note this is from 1975 and we are referencing “disco” which you thought started in 1978, right? Nope, we were ahead of our time and jumped right into imaging disco when it was still so new nobody knew how much they would hate it later.

  3. Holy crap … is that me! No, no, no … yes I had a motor mouth, but for crying out loud … that is ridiculous! Albeit, Freakin’ Funny …

    Da’ Fox That Rocks … 😎

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