Jimmy Rabbitt, KROQ AM/FM Pasadena CA | November, 1976

Old KROQ Promotional
Date of Recording: 11.xx.1976 Exact Date Unknown
Station: 106.7 FM / 1500 AM KROQ Pasadena, California, USA
Format: Hit-Based AOR
Featured Air Personality: Jimmy Rabbitt
Contributor: Frank Davis

This is a very unique aircheck in the sense that it probably illustrates what Freeform Progressive Rock radio really sounded like at it’s apex in the mid 1970s. Now, we’re not sure if this was a special show or if this was the actual day-to-day format of KROQ, but we do know a few facts. First, KROQ is an AM 1500/FM 106.1 simulcast. Second, Jimmy Rabbitt is a jock known better to Texans than those in Los Angeles (in fact, he’s in the Texas radio Hall of Fame). Here, Rabbitt is very long winded, playing songs of many different genres, then (in his second break), talks about this being his final night – or maybe it was his ONLY night on KROQ, saying, “this was a fun experiment…”. He complains about listeners calling in and saying Creedence is a Country group! Admittedly, this aircheck shows KROQ anything BUT a Rock station, with the exception of the lead in song by Donovan – “Hurdy Gurdy Man”.

Compare this with an earlier aircheck on this site – Charlie Tuna on KROQ AM 1500 from June 1973. Here, there are no liners, no jingles, in fact, no production elements AT ALL. Just Jimmy Rabbitt and his music. Its a station completely without ‘personality’ (or more precisely, it’s all personality with no real format). And either way, its something that current KROQ fans should listen to, remembering that this station has been around in some form for a very long time with the same call letters catering to the same basic age group. And that’s something that makes KROQ a very interesting and unique radio station.