Joe Causi & Ron Parker; 101.1 WCBS-FM 40th Anniversary Broadcast, Part 3 | July 6, 2012

101.1 FM New York WCBS-FM Broadway Bill Lee Cousin Brucie Pat St. John Ziggy Dan Ingram Lenny Bloch Harry Harrison Randy Davis Ron Lundy Dandy Dan Daniel Bill Brown Joe McCoy Dick Heatherton Norm N Nite Dan Taylor

In Part three of our series celebrating CBS-FM’s 4th anniversary, we pick up where we left off in Part 2, with Joe Causi who started right after Dan Taylor’s morning show.

Among the highlights of this segment: Flashback airchecks from Ron Lundy, Randy Davis, Dandy Dan Daniel, Norm N Nite (WNBC, WCBS-FM), Bill Brown and Don K. Reed. Guests include Cousin Bruce Morrow, Dan Taylor, Jim Douglas (Jack Mitchell) (from sister station WWFS Fresh 102-7), Dion Dimuchi (Dion & The Belmonts), Tommy James (Shondells) and Gene Cornish (The Rascals).

All that, plus both Joe Causi and Ron Parker read emails from listeners and both give their recollections of their careers at CBS-FM.

This is one of the most entertaining and well-produced radio specials we’ve heard in a long time! Listen for a ton of old WCBS-FM jingles from all the packages used throughout it’s 40 year history.

A word about commercials – when we post original airchecks from the past, I usually leave the commercials in as historic markers – hey, many if not most of the businesses that advertized 30 and 40 years ago are long gone. However, for this series, I’ve decided to edit out most of the commercials, except for some promos for concerts, etc., since those may be of historical interest years from now as these airchecks remain online.

We at the airchexx network (,, and the Format Change Archive – sincerely hope you enjoy this production of the 40th Anniversary broadcast at 101.1 CBS-FM New York!

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