JoJo Kincaid, WVBF “F-105” Framingham/Boston | January, 1979

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JoJo Kincaid
Continuing the broadcast of WVBF from January (we suspect the 15th), 1979, here’s midday guy JoJo Kincaid. Never mind that he’s one of your webmaster’s radio heroes from my youth, talk about talent! WVBF is still giving away free money, and hopes listeners will call in to say how horrible AM radio is…. because this is FM RADIO!

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I’m still amazed at the amount of effort was exerted to get listeners to tune out the big AM stations… WVBF’s main competition during the 70s was, of course, 68 WRKO. But since WBZ (1030) was and even today still IS the reigning king of Boston radio, it was in WVBF’s best interest (along with the rest of Boston’s FM stations) to move the audience off the AM band. And, it worked. Eventually.


This is another really great look at WVBF. The salad days would continue, for the next year or so, but while FM radio would take the market by storm by 1981, the writing was almost on the wall for WVBF in ’79.

WVBF F-105