JoJo Morales; Elvis Duran, 100.3 WHTZ “Z100” New York | 1991

100.3 FM New York, WHTZ, Z100

“From the top of the Empire State Building…”

It really doesn’t get any better than this! Z100 is blazing hot and always had New York’s best talent! Still does, depending upon who you talk to.

Again, from Robyn Watts‘ incredible collection and off side two of East Coast Airchecks Tape 84 side B, we get to hear another fabulous aircheck of the FLAMETHROWER, Z100!

Once upon a time, back when we were short on aircheck donations back in 2002-2003, we posted a lot of New York city stuff and then backed off, thinking we had over-done the Big Apple. We’re certainly not in that position today, thanks to tons of contributors and hundreds, almost thousands of tapes to pull from now. So it was definitely time to do a new Z100 aircheck. The time is right. Radio today is in serious trouble, both from a ‘bottom line’ mentality and a lack of talent perspective. Its recordings like this which emphasize radio’s strong point: the personalities who make up a station’s character. Any radio station can play wall to wall hits, throw a jingle or obnoxious piece of ponderous imaging in between the songs, but it takes REAL PEOPLE behind the microphones to entertain, inform and relate to an audience in a way that will make them come back and listen over and over again. Both JoJo Morales and Elvis Duran are so good here, of COURSE people want to come back and sample it often!

Always included in Z100 airchecks for free: those great Jam jingles, fantastic, creative imaging and a bit of reverb thrown in for good measure. Yes, Z100 is still a good station. But we think it was better back in the 80s and 90s. Perhaps you agree.