Jonathan Schwartz, “A Tribute To Baseball”, WNEW (AM) New York | January 31, 1988

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Here’s something totally different. About four years before AM 1130 changed to Business News Radio WBBR, WNEW was programming ‘other’ things besides American Popular Standards. Jonathan Schwarz was an incredibly talented personality, and one whose name is very familiar, seems to not be nearly as memorable as the Rock N Roll variety of jocks. I think that’s a bit unfair. If I recall correctly, Schwarz was also heard on WNEW-FM (102.7) in its AOR days.

This particular evening, the theme is “A Tribute To Baseball”. Ironically, its the night of the Super Bowl (TM) (or, as the radio stations took to saying for a few years, “The Big Game”. Fear of being sued scares the pants off some people.

This opens with the show already in progress. Don’t be confused. At the beginning of this aircheck, there’s a commercial playing, and play by play of a baseball game going on underneath it. This isn’t tape bleedthrough, it is what actually aired on WNEW. The double audio only goes on for about 20 seconds. The play by play goes on for a couple of minutes. In fact, the show features play by play of all the major games up to that time… including the Red Sox/Mets 1986 World Series. Oh, yes. We get to hear Bill Buckner watch the ball go through his legs again. We get to hear the very FIRST New York Mets game! Not all the way through, these are just bits and pieces.

If you’re a baseball fan, or a Jonathan Schwartz fan you’ll really enjoy this aircheck!. Here are just some of the names you’ll hear – out of context, written in the aircheck description here, but you must listen to the whole thing to understand….

Sandy Koufax, Ken Coleman, Carl Yazstremski, Bill Buckner, Carlton Fisk (If I didn’t know better, I’d think Jonathan Schwarz was a Red Sox fan and we were in Boston!), Darryl Strawberry, Louis Tiante, Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner… and more!

And finally, the first 30 seconds or so of Mutual network news at 12 Midnight. Enjoy this, at the tail end of the WNEW Eleven Three Oh days. For you Washingtonians… this isn’t your All News station on FM. The heritage for THAT station was Alternative 99.1 WHFS Annapolis. They stole the legendary call letters!

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