Lee Roberts, 98.7 WXLO New York | December 17, 1977


Lee Roberts is showcased here as one of the “X-Men” on the old 99X. Notice the amount of Disco music in rotation here! Perhaps it was not enough, or too much, but less than a year after this aircheck was recorded, 92.3 WKTU would become the number one radio station in New York City, knocking “MusicRadio 77” WABC off it’s longtime #1 perch. 99X was in the Top 5 overall.

This is personality oriented Top 40, on FM, and 99X was very hot at this point in time! But the station lost it’s way, as would so many stations on the AM and FM dial in a short period of time, because the Disco craze changed everything, including the way in which radio stations would identify themselves with audiences. For example, about a year later, PD Glenn Morgan would take over and turn WXLO into a sleepy AC station simply called WXLO, then sometime later this would become Urban WRKS “Kiss 98.7”.

Lee Roberts came to WXLO from 96.5 WTIC-FM Hartford, a Mike Joseph “Hot Hits” station which formerly been a Classical Station and went straight to number one.

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks!