5 thoughts on “Lee Sherwood, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | January 23, 1981

  1. Is anyone else unable to successfully click on the airchecks? I haven’t had any problems until I tried hearing the WAPE composite.

    1. I’m gonna chance a guess and say you’re trying to access on a mobile device. My iPhone sometimes reloads the aircheck page ad-nauseum. I think it’s a problem with the caching on the server. That’s something I can’t fix myself. It’s gonna have to wait till Lance is free. – Steve

  2. Neil Rockoff, the GM responsible for the country format, was from WHN. Problem was KLAC was dominant and 93.9 FM had started its country format around the same time. The ad campaign was contrived “We all grew up to be cowboys” as was the format. Even Willie was uptight. //youtu.be/GEERXj2bhm8

  3. I got this and other airchecks from Ed Salamon who was consulting the station at the time. He also was consulting KTNQ 10Q and KBZT in San Diego, which was patterned after WGBS in Miami.

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