Lee Sherwood, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | January 23, 1981


Lee Sherwood at WQAM, 1967

I wanna pay somebody’s rent this morning…..



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“The New” 93 KHJ was just two months old when this recording was made. There is a bit of history mentioned on the news (read by Lee Marshall) with the story of the Iranian Hostages being released this particular day, and that day in history, “Gone With The Wind” was released.

Country or not, I *LIKE* Lee Sherwood. Lee has a great set of pipes, he is very knowledgeable about current events but most of all, he has a WARM personality that comes across on the air.  Lee puts on a good morning show. Better, in my humble opinion, than a lot of modern radio people.  Before KHJ,  he had a long radio career that took him all over the country. You can read about his career in this article by the Telos Alliance.

Our most sincere thanks to our contributors, Big Apple Airchecks, and Ed Salomon!  Thank you!

If you enjoy this aircheck, you might also enjoy this aircheck composite of 1050 WHN New York. Was I a betting man, not knowing much about the thinking behind Country KHJ, I’d have said this version of AM 930 was patterned right after WHN. Someone out there knows.

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  1. radiorob20
    Rob Calhoun

    Neil Rockoff, the GM responsible for the country format, was from WHN. Problem was KLAC was dominant and 93.9 FM had started its country format around the same time. The ad campaign was contrived “We all grew up to be cowboys” as was the format. Even Willie was uptight. //youtu.be/GEERXj2bhm8

  2. baamatt
    Matt Seinberg

    I got this and other airchecks from Ed Salamon who was consulting the station at the time. He also was consulting KTNQ 10Q and KBZT in San Diego, which was patterned after WGBS in Miami.

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