Leigh Hamilton on Power 99FM WUSL Philadelphia | May 1983

Leigh Hamilton on Power 99FM WUSL Philadelphia | May 1983

WUSL Power 99FM Philadelphia – Leigh Hamilton – May 1983

From the Lawrence Mecri collection.

Back in October 1982, Country formatted FM99 WUSL changed format to what was a Churban, or as it would be called later, a “Rhythmic CHR” format. The station launched with the new name of, KISS 99FM. That name lasted less than two weeks, after a court order told the station to stop using the KISS name because WKSZ Kiss 100, a new radio station about to go on the air already had the rights to the name. WUSL dropped KISS, and just used the handle “99FM” for about 6 months until Spring 1983, when they adopted the new name “Power 99FM.

In this aircheck, you’ll hear the station using it’s brand new Power 99FM name, and notice that a listener on the phone still referes to the station as simply “99FM.”

Leigh Hamilton is the jock on the air. She had spent time on the air in Philly at Wizzard 100 WZZD, and 1310 WSSJ, before going to WUSL. She was only on Power 99FM for a short period, before going up the NJ Turnpike to 102 WPIX New York. -Ellis



  From the Ellis B Feaster You Tube Radio Aircheck & Classic TV Channel.