Live Coverage of the Terror Attacks on 9/11 From NBC News

Where were you when the world stopped turning. Aside from being a great song by Alan Jackson, it is a very simple question. This post will help you remember.

Airchexx is primarily a radio museum. But, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are of such great importance that we need to maintain a record of the live broadcasts which happened on that fateful day. What follows is the live broadcast as the day unfolded. It begins during the “Today” show and the breaking story of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. This runs 1 hour, 36 minutes. There is a part 2 of this broadcast online which I may post later.

Consider, for a moment, if we took this one day and put aside our bickering to simply hug our families, be kind to our fellow citizens and remember, our nation could be a much better place.
Never forget.