Liz Kiley, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | November 24, 1981

Big Apple Airchecks sent the original of this mono, but high-fidelity (and we refuse to say ‘HD’) recording of the Adult Contemporary version of WIFI 92! By this time, WIFI had morphed into a more Adult station, but was by no means a sleepy AC. You’ll even hear Eddie Money’s “Baby Hold On” about halfway through this, but this is SOLID AC, starting with the first song, Barry Manilow’s “The Old Songs”, and continuing with scoped portions of songs from Sheena Easton, Air Supply and Darryl Hall & John Oates. Man, there was some really GOOD music in 1981! Remember Joey Scarbury’s “Believe It Or Not”? Aka, theme from the TV show “The Greatest American Hero” – where the ‘hero’ puts on a red suit and flies backward… into walls, etc? Yea, memories abound on this aircheck.

Your featured jock is Liz Kiley. Not sure where else she worked, but in this she’s holding down Afternoon Drive. Walt McDonald is in the WIFI “Eye In The Sky”… helicopter. And the traffic is horrible as this is the evening before Thanksgiving!

There is a description, written on the History of Philadelphia Radio website, which says that the Adult Contemporary format at WIFI, essentially didn’t have a chance. The station had competition in the market from WMGK, WSNI and WWSH. WSNI also had market icon, Hy Lit. Still, this really sounds GOOD, and with a female jock on Afternoon drive, news, information and traffic reports and great music, this format SHOULD have worked. And probably would have just about anywhere else.

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