Lon Thomas, WARM Power 99-7 Atlanta | March, 1986

When this station started playing top 40, it was called “WARM 99”, but in March of 1986 the name changed to “Power 99-7”. The call letters in the beginning were WARM-FM. The memorable WAPW call letters wouldn’t arrive until 1988.

Here’s Lon Thomas, highlighted here from audio publication CALIFORNIA AIRCHECK, Tape #S-80 from March of 1986. It was donated from Contributor Robyn Watts, who apparently subscribed to this service, sending dozens of these tapes several years ago.

This is noteble if for only one reason – WARM is called “Power 99-7” and NOT just “Power 99”, as many still remember it.

It’s a clear, crisp recording from a cassette tape that held up quite well over the years.