Loren Owens on KIMN “Denver 95” | April 2, 1979

950 Denver KIMN Loren Owens Denver 95

Here’s the longtime host of the current “Loren and Wally” morning show in Boston, at his prior gig in Denver. Owens has this really dry sense of humor that is evident in parts of this aircheck showcasing his morning show on KIMN.

Morning shows were quite different back in ’79, just one guy doing a show filled with time & weather checks, full newscasts, traffic, etc… but not the Hollywood updates and other senseless babble that fills shows today. Owens really shines as a jock doing a morning gig here, and the same style is evident currently at 105.7 WROR Boston – only he adds a lot more comedy into the routine today. This is fun listening – at 19 minutes you really get a feel for KIMN and life in Denver!