Machine Gun Kelly, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | November 7, 1975

930 Los Angeles, KHJ, KKHJ, KRTH, Don Lee, Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele, Charlie Van Dyke, Roger Christian, Gary Mack, Boss Radio, 93/KHJ

Date of Recording: November 7, 1975
Station: 930 KHJ Los Angeles, California
Featured Air Talent: Machine Gun Kelly
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Aircheck Entry: 1,420


This recording was recorded HOT! Hot recording levels to almost distortion levels, the tape ran very fast and I slowed it down as far as I dared (and still ended up with a bit of gurgle at the end of this 11 minute scope).

There are some radio historians (yes, there are others besides myself) who feel that KHJ’s best era was during the 1965 launch of “Boss Radio” by PD Ron Jacobs, and Consultant Bill Drake. Certainly that particular format was a ‘first’ for radio, but best? Ask New Yawkers if they really thought KHJ in the 60s was better than Cousin Brucie or Dan Ingram on WABC? Its all in the eyes of the beholder.

Others’ however, like myself, think this, mid-1970s version of KHJ – if not just about ALL RKO General’s radio properties – really is the best. The Jock, Machine Gun Kelly, has been in Los Angeles doing the radio trade since the early 70s… which puts him at LEAST ten years my senior, and I’m 52! Kelly is still an awesome personality, and though he’s not performing on radio stations for a living these days, his talents are still heard all over the place! Check out his website, //

And, yes, you’ll LOVE this recording of 93/KHJ – sporting a full jingle package (before the “You” package came out) and at a time before Soft Rock, FM and AOR ruined the best days of AM Top 40 – oh… but check out the promo for ‘disco’… in late ’75. One could call that the very beginning of the end. Just listen and enjoy!