Machine Gun Kelly, First Show – 1020 KTNQ (Ten-Q) Los Angeles | March 18, 1978

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MG Kelly on KTNQ – Not to be confused with the rap artist of the same name, this is “Machine Gun” Kelly (Gary D. Sinclair) . Kelly is an American Disc Jockey (Presenter) and a minor Hollywood Actor. Kelly was also the announcer for “Wheel of Fortune” in 1988-1989. “Wheel” was and is hosted and syndicated by Pat Sajak.

M.G. Kelly had been on crosstown KHJ since 1976. In ’78, KHJ ‘s PD, John Sebastian, was taking the station in a more AOR direction and in the process, asking Kelly to basically lighten up on air. Then, on March 17, 1978 Sebastian fired him 5 minutes before his airshift.  (corrected information)  There’s no reason given, but according to M.G. Kelly’s website, he says just 3 hours later, he was on KTNQ.  Yet this aircheck proves otherwise.  It was the next day!

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This aircheck represents the Gunner’s first show on Ten-Q.

For those of you in radio, do you remember your first day at a new radio station? Just finding where the mic pot was on the board was sometimes a challenge, nevermind finding that ‘sweet spot’ where your voice sounded just right and not over-modulated. M.G. Kelly tackles his first hour on the job with only one somewhat glaring error… just before the end of this aircheck, Gunner cracks the mic with a mighty KH…. Don’cha hate it when that happens?!

What an awesome aircheck. Machine Gun Kelly. One of the best and funniest jocks I’ve ever heard!
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