Marco Polo, WKTQ Pittsburgh | May 28, 1973

1320 Pittsburgh WKTQ WJAS 13Q Don Cox Ray Zoeller Cecil Heftel

Date of Recording: May 28, 1973
Station: 1320 WKTQ Pittsburgh
Featured Air Talent: Marco Polo
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Aircheck Entry: 1,413


How many stations used an approach similar to this one in the early to mid 70s? WKTQ is branded here as The New 13Q. “Don’t Say Hello, say I Listen to the New Sound of 13Q”. And if you do, you win MONEY! Well, yes. One can compare this to WAVZ New Haven around the same time and hear a nearly identical approach.

The jock is Marco Polo, although we don’t know his real name… or maybe that IS his real name!

This is 5 minutes long but the quality is so good you’ll think you’re hearing it for the first time on a widebanded receiver!