Mark & Brian’s Final Show, 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles, Part 1 | August 17, 2012


The end of Los Angeles’ longest current running morning show. Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps came to 95.5 KLOS from “I95” WAPI Birmingham in September of 1987 and quickly took the town by storm. By 1991, they generated enough attention to gain a short-lived series on NBC.

In June, Mark Thompson announced he’d be leaving the program when his contract ran out to move to North Carolina with his wife. Brian Phelps remained in negotiations with Cumulus to remain with the station and bring on a new co-host. On today’s final show, he stated that he had been unable to come to terms on a new deal and would be leaving as well.

Both men will be starting podcasts with new co-hosts.

We pick this up about 20 minutes into the first hour of Mark & Brian show. After a good set with some callers, listen for a quick news update from Kelly Gates. You’ll hear Kelly several times throughout this final show.

Guests include former Program Directors, Hollywood Actors and more!

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Mark And Brian Show

Coming up in Part Two…
Former KLOS Afternoon Host Jim Ladd calls in, more ‘Old Bosses’ as Mark & Brian call them, and the final goodbye.


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