Mark Driscoll, 98.7 WOR-FM New York | April 5, 1971

Like so many other recordings of WOR-FM, this one suffers from tape age. Still, it’s good enough to hear Mark Driscoll and the Boss sound of Bill Drake’s handiwork in New York. This was his first try at the “Boss Radio” sound both on the East Coast and on FM. WOR-FM would morph into a more straight ahead, “Q”-type Top 40 format in another year as WXLO “99X”, but at this point its still all Drake Top 40 with the trademarked jingles, et al. Or, perhaps I should say ad-nauseum. There’s a jingle after each element.

Regardless of how much of a fan you were of WOR-FM, it remains an important part of New York radio history. A station that anywhere else would have become a big success, but here, smothered by 77 WABC, as was nearly every other station in the Big Town up till 1979… But that’s another story in and of itself.