Marvelous Mark Counts Down the Top 100 of 1977 on 610 KFRC San Francisco | January 2, 1978

Marvelous Mark McKay


610 KFRC was a Top 40 radio station serving the San Francisco area with only 5,000 watts. While the power was rather low for such a legendary station, the signal really got out because of two factors. First, the station was situated along the Pacific coast and the salt water conducts RF energy very well. Second, KFRC’s dial position at 610. Radio waves at this low frequency travel further than signals at higher frequencies, especially during the day.

KFRC was able to maintain it’s high ratings well into the 1980s despite the rising popularity of FM radio. It’s been said that this was because the terrain surrounding San Francisco is mountainous and FM signals, being subjected to line of sight limitations, couldn’t get past the mountain peaks, while KFRC’s groundwave signal got around the mountains just fine. By the late 1980s, repeaters and FM translators provided better coverage of San Francisco’s FM signals, and that spelled the end for KFRC.

This aircheck is much too short!!! In superb quality, this ‘check was recorded the day after New Years’ ’78. Not looking at the calendar just now, I figure this was probably a Saturday or Sunday. It’s all music, and Marvelous Marc is counting ’em down.

This picks up in the middle of the countdown and runs through about #45 for the year. I sure wish we had the entire scope!

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