Mighty Mike Osborne, WVBF F-105 Framingham Boston | September 9, 1978

105.7 Framingham Boston WVBF F-105

From new contributor Julian Porter, who resides in the U.K., here’s a genuine original recording he made on 09.09.1978. The recording is well preserved and sounds just like it did on a typical FM stereo at the time.

Julian writes:

I spent a couple of weeks in and around Boston in 1978. While there I recorded a number of radio shows and still have these, including an hour of WVBF in Framingham, The New F105 with Mighty Mike Osborne as the jock. This was between 22:00 and 23:00 on 11th September 1978.

Just been listening to this again and wondering if anyone knows where Mighty Mike Osborne is these days.


Julian Porter
Southampton, UK

This recording is exactly what I was listening to at the time, growing up in Orange, Massachusetts. If anything could bring back precious memories, this is it!

Here’s our very FIRST recording of Mighty Mike Osborne! I recall back sometime in 1984, Mighty Mike joined our staff at then 104.5 WFMP Fitchburg, just as we changed call letters to WXLO and moved to the Worcester Centrum. I joined the Navy just about the time Mighty Mike came onboard and I think I met him at the station once or twice before I left. This is really cool, as Mike is a laid-back kinda jock in this aircheck, kinda talks to his audience almost as if he’s looking at you at the bar. So cool! Great radio.

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