Mike Grohman (Ron O’Brien), WRNC Raleigh | 1974

Raleigh NC

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Note: This ‘check is of Ron O’Brien, although this is obviously not *BIG* Ron O’Brien from WCFL & WOGL. Interesting name for this jock to take…

Contributor Stanley B writes:

WRNC Raleigh, NC. Mike Grohman left 1340 WGNI to do Mid-Days at WRNC in 1974. WRNC was of course up against the giant WKIX. KIX had more power and was a legend by that time. Here is a RARE aircheck from the ’74 Top 40 Radio Battle in Raleigh. Mike passed away a few years ago, after leaving radio and moving home to work for Corning Fiber Optics. He is missed!