Mitch Michaels, 105.9 WCKG Chicago | Undated

Part of the Robyn Watts Collection and taken from California Aircheck tape #S-206, Side One, here’s Mitch Michaels and a 6 minute scope of the morning show on 105.9 WCKG. I don’t know much about WCKG but this is a very high quality recording that held up well over the years.

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5 Replies to “Mitch Michaels, 105.9 WCKG Chicago | Undated”

  1. Cris Allen

    WCKG is a CBS O and O licensed to Elmwood Park, a western burb of Chicago. Steve Dahl did his most recent show there. It now simulcasts WBBM-AM’s all news format.

  2. George Petropulos

    With the mention of the Bulls and Lakers going for the NBA title, this would be from June 1991, when MJ and Co. knocked off Magic and Showtime 4-1 in the NBA finals. Mitch Michaels is a Chicago legend having worked at practically every FM rock station in Chicago at one time or another.

  3. PhxRocker

    Actually, this aircheck isn’t from the eighties at all.
    In this `check, Mitch talks about the Bulls/Lakers NBA Finals that were going on.
    That was in 1991.
    So, this aircheck would be from the 2nd week of June 1991.

  4. Tony Williams

    This aircheck would have been recorded either Monday, June 10, Tuesday, June 11 or Wednesday, June 12, 1991 since game 5 was played June 12 which the Bulls won.

    But the previous poster was correct it is definitely June 1991.

    By winning game 5, the Bulls beat the Lakers 4 games to 1 to win the NBA championship.


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