PM Drive on 99-5 WRNO “The Rock” | October 1987

(Comments by Steve West)

Remember back in the days when WRNO transmit (sometimes) a simulcast of its FM rock station on Shortwave? I still remember the frequency. 15.420 Megahertz. Sometimes Hard Rock, sometimes Top 40 (I heard Casey Casem on it one time), sometimes religion especially towards the end of it’s life, and for about a year, the home of Rush limbaugh.

Anyway, this is not about the shortwave station, although it’s from the FM – SW simulcast era. It’s about the early Classic (active?) Rock era at 99.5 FM in the Cresent City. Today, WRNO IS Classic Rock and is owned by Clear Channel Communications. The Oldies days are long gone, and so is the Shortwave station.

This is short, about 4 and a half minutes, which technically makes it an official QUICKCHECK… but it should remind everyone of the radio heritage that was in New Orleans for so many years!! And, check out the (way out of place but sounding good anyway) 70s era Top 40 jingles this station used infrequently. I always wondered if that was for the benefit of the Shortwave listeners or what???!!!