“Power Radio” Demo – 1100 WKYC Cleveland | February 1, 1968

1100 Cleveland WKYC

At 3:05 PM on Tuesday, February 1, 1968, WKYC debutes “Power Radio” to Cleveland listeners. This unabashed and bold announcement was broadcast to an unsuspecting audience. The announcement lasts about 1 1/2 minutes, then it goes right into the Chuck Dunaway show with a brand new “Power Radio” jingle.

One has to wonder what WKYC did BEFORE this ‘Power Radio’ presentation. One doesn’t even know how long the station called itself that. Well, okay, someone out there does. But what was the reason for the ‘change’? Why POWER RADIO? Seems to me, this slogan was tried again in the 80s, as a number of CHR stations used it in their presentation.

Whatever this was and how well it worked we don’t really know. All we can say is this runs about 3 minutes long, and what you hear, is pretty much all the listeners got. It all pretty much all sounded the same in the 60s.