QuickCheck: Eric Chase, KIQQ “K100” Los Angeles | July 18, 1975

100.3 KIQQ K100

Date of Recording: 07.08.1975
Station: 100.3 KIQQ Los Angeles, California, USA
Featured Air Personality: Eric Chase


K100 was L.A.’s first serious contender in the top 40 wars, and this short glimpse into mid-70s KIQQ sounds great. Eric Chase was better known in San Francisco at KFRC, and his personality is the same here. He’s an enormously talented jock and this aircheck proves it.

By the time of this aircheck, K100 was on the decline, its best talent, Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele and Humble Harve having recently (at the time of this recording) having quit. This station was the first programming project for Bill Drake after leaving RKO General.