QuickCheck: Mark Hanson, 93 KKHR Los Angeles | August, 1985

93.1 Los Angeles KKHR KNX-FM

From our increasingly-reliable source at our sister site, the Aircheck Trader’s Board at www.radioinsight.com, comes this original recording of HitRadio 93 KKHR. Outside of the year, we can’t really determine the date, but perhaps it doesn’t matter.

CBS really had a good thing on its hands with its’ branded “HitRadio” CHR format. Stations like KKHR, KHTR St. Louis and WHTT Boston all had tremendous appeal, and for a short while the format burned a hole through contemporary music in the 80s. Perhaps that was the problem, however. Songs in extremely tight rotation that burned themselves out with the audience. Perhaps we’ll never know exactly what spelled doom for HitRadio, but it sure was fun to listen to.