QuickChexx: Brant Miller, 94.7 WYTZ “Z-95” Chicago | June, 1990

94.7 Chicago WLS-FM WYTZ WDAI WRCK Brant Miller

Its the Summer of 1990, Chicagoland is gearing up for the 4th of July, and Z-95 is HOT! One would never know by listening to this aircheck that even with Brant Miller doing a killer job on the Z, the BEE crosstown was cleaning WYTZ’s clock in the ratings. So badly, in fact, that just over a year later, 94.7 would revert to the WLS-FM call letters, and flip to TALK RADIO, albeit separately from AM 89.

This really is a good, if not short, aircheck. It makes me wonder why ratings success seemed to elude 94.7 for a very long time, starting from the “Disco DAI” days – and maybe that’s it, listeners perhaps always equated 94.7 with the failed Disco format. An observation from the editor’s desk: Why didn’t ABC keep 94.7 as WLS-FM (FM-95) instead of breaking away from it’s WLS (890) tradition? Even when the AM side went talk, the FM could have helped the transition go more smoothly. It’s just conjecture on the part of your webmaster, and surely someone from the WLS building in the late 80s knows and would want to share. Please do.

This runs about 3 1/2 minutes, tightly scoped – would make a great Brant Miller demo, if he didn’t already have a gig at today’s WLS-FM. 🙂

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